Spelling Words

First grade is not following a 'traditional' spelling list.  In order to prepare your child to be a better speller we are working towards steering your children away from memorizing words.  Instead we are pushing the focus towards patterns inside of words.  This will help give your child skills in the future to recognize and use these patterns, making them a better speller and reader! :)

These are the list of spelling patterns that we will be teaching this year.  Spelling patterns will be introduced and sent home on Monday.  You will only be receiving 5 of the tested spelling words.  Students will be expected to manipulate and work with the spelling pattern throughout the week.  They will be encouraged to practice other words that follow the same pattern and come up with their own.  Students will be given their written spelling test on Friday.   The spelling test will include the 5 listed words on Monday, as well as 5 new words that follow the same pattern.  

For example.  On Monday's newsletter you receive a note that your child will be working on the short 'a' pattern.  You will be given 5 words (ex: cat, lap, fan, slam, bag).  Your child will be expected to spell words following this pattern on Friday.  The test could consist of words such as: fast, bat, slap, tan, wag, etc.

When reviewing the spelling lists with your child, follow these simple steps to ensure your child's success on the test.
1. Look at the words.
2. Say the world aloud.
2.  Notice and discuss the pattern(s).
3. Spell the word aloud.
4. Copy the word.
5. Write the word without looking.
6. Check your spelling.
7.  Come up with new words together.
8.  Quiz your child on the new words. 

Remember to change up the media!  Kids love to use markers, colorful pens, magna-doodles, dry erase boards, magnet letters, and more.  Be creative!  Learning is fun!

If you would like to look ahead and work with your child, here is a list of the Spelling patterns and example words we will be sending home each week.  Happy Spelling! :)