Sight Words

   Here are the list of sight words that we will study throughout the year.  We will work on one list per week.  Your child is expected to read all words fluently by the end of the year.  That means that they need to be able to recognize and read each word in 3 seconds or less.  Your child may advance to the next list as they master the current list they are working on.  This helps keep the challenge and pace at your child's individual level.  Please take the opportunity to work on these at home with your child.  Play bingo with the words.  Play tic*tac*toe with the words.  But most importantly, read with these words. :)

**After the weekly words have been introduced in the spelling list, your child will be expected to spell these words to mastery.  In addition to reading practice, please make sure that your child works on spelling these words.  

You may go to The School Bell's website for several games to play with your child, flashcards, word finds and several other ways to practice these words at home in a fun and engaging way!