Friday, August 30, 2013

One Week Down!

Wow, you guys really know how to spoil a girl!  ;)  Thanks for all the tender hugs, sweet pictures, and incredible comments from the students this week.  And a special thank you to the parent who spoiled me with this Sonic drink.  Yumm-O!!  

We are one week down and many more to go! :)  I have so enjoyed getting to know all of your sweet little personalities and understanding the joys of your heart.  I've heard all about your dogs, families and the video games that you love to play at home.  ;)  Writer's Workshop is easily one of my favorite times of the day and your fearlessness in writing has been amazing.  I can't wait to watch you grow, and more importantly, hear more about the things that excite you!

We've been busy this week!  We've recited our responsibilities everyday.  *If you haven't heard them yet, ask your child to share them with you.*  We're becoming experts on our Responsibilities!!  Here they are in case they need a little memory encouragement.  ;)
1.  Follow directions quickly.
2.  Be silent and straight in the hallway.
3.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.
4.  Respect others, respect yourself and respect your community.
5.  Do your best and be on task.  

We also filled our book boxes today using our I-PICK chart.  We learned a little 'rap' to go along with it.  Here is the video of a class online that we referenced to when learning our 'rap'.  

I'm sure your child could jump in with the singing & movements in the video and show what they know!  Next week we will start the beginning stages of Read to Self and I can not wait to get this in place.  Our best differentiation occurs during these times.  :)  

I've seen some hard work this week!  I know we are all tired and looking forward to the 3 day weekend.  Get some good rest and I can't wait to see you bright and early Tuesday morning.  :)

**To the grateful Mimi who left the sweet comment...  I completely understand the distance.  My niece lives out of town and I only wish I could be more involved in her school functions.  I'm assuming your son shares your last name.  If so, he is such a sweetie and an incredibly bright boy!!  Today he wrote about his dad helping him defeat the monsters on his Zelda game this weekend.  His vocabulary is incredible and I'm excited to work with him.  :)

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