Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to all of you who were able to come out Thursday night for Meet the Teacher!! I was able to meet 13 precious faces and I cannot wait to meet the rest!  It is going to be a great year...I just know it!!

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of our classroom with you.  :)  This will be our new home away from home and I know you will grow to love it as much as I do.

This is the view from the hallway.  I will be hanging several of your masterpieces in the hallway as an ongoing portfolio of art projects and writing projects!

When your parents come in, it's always important for them to sign-in at the sign-in sheet.  We require signatures in 5 areas from each parent for Title 1 documentation purposes.  Your parents will feel like celebrities from all the signatures we ask for throughout the year!  ;)

Here I am waiting for all of you to arrive on Meet the Teacher night.  :)  My family is all lives out of town, so my mom requires a picture of me in the classroom each year.  hehe.

Here's the view of our classroom when you first walk in.  You will each get your very own desk as your personal space for the year!

This is your view to the left.  My desk is near the back door.  It houses the document camera so I can project whatever worksheet or project we may be working on onto the screen.  I also see my small groups at the trapezoid table attached to my desk.  On the floor, you will see our black rug.  We will spend a lot of time here reading stories, playing games and getting to know each other.  More importantly if you look a little further to the left, you will see our Promethean Board!!  Our campus is still working on getting one of these into every classroom and we are one of the lucky ones to be in the first round.  It was just installed last year and I am soooo excited to put it to good use!  This summer I worked so hard at putting so many of our math lessons onto flip charts so that we can use the Promethean Board interactively with math lessons.  I know you will love it!!! :)

To the right, you will see some small work tables that we will get started using for Daily 5.  We also have a restroom and sink in the back corner of our room.  The back wall will be the home of your 'Wow Work'.  I can't wait to see what you guys dream up in our creative art projects, writing projects, math projects and more!  We will also be hanging our Anchor Charts and learning around the room on some of our designated bulletin board areas.

Here's the view from standing near the sink in the back corner of the room.  Our word wall is front & center of our classroom.  This way we can use it when working on interactive writing projects on our chart paper and our promethean board.  You will also see our new Birthday Board at the front left.  I am so excited to take your pictures and put them in place!

See those question marks at the top?  As you become a detective in our Saxon Phonics program, you get to unlock each letter as we introduce it and the ways to code it in a word!  You will hold the keys to reading and become such a bright little reader this year.  You also see the book boxes at the bottom...these will house the books of your choice that you will have opportunities to read during Daily 5.  This is a time so many of my past students have LOVED, and through the opportunity to test through our Accelerated Reader (AR) program, these book boxes have become an important part of our day!! :)

Now I am standing in the back corner, near our computer station.  You can see the green rug that is the middle of our class library.  I've worked hard at collecting books that I know you will love to read!!  I can't wait to get this up and rolling.  You can also see the bookshelf near my desk that will house your papers/folders, our plans for the week and my small group materials.  The top 2 shelves are dedicated to pictures of my family and the special children in my life including my niece, Goddaughter, and best friend's baby boy!  You will also see Mr Hutchins' and I's 'first child'...our dog, Tye!  You will hear lots of stories about him as he is a special part of our daily life.  :)

Here's the view from my desk.  You will sometimes get this view, too, as I ask volunteers to come up to help, or show their work, or read their story!  Our classroom is a special place and it is very first grade friendly!

Here is a panoramic shot that Mr. Hutchins took for me!  This room is ready for excitement, learning, mistakes, cheers, happiness, games, stations, reading, math, writing, spelling, teamwork, science, social studies, teaching, helping, and most importantly....YOU!

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  1. This is so awesome!! It is wonderful for me to see what my grandson will be doing and learning this school year. It's hard when you live far away and can't attend his school functions. This is the next best thing. Thank you so much!!! A very grateful Mimi